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archaeologists uncover historic Viking longhouse Iceland

“The younger hall is the richest in Iceland so far,” Einarsson mentioned. “It is hard not to conclude that it is a chieftain’s house.”

The 40 metre-long corridor contained a prized hoard of decorative beads, silver and historic cash. They included Roman and Center Jap silver cash, and ‘hacksilver’ – bent items of silver used as forex by the Vikings.

Einarsson thinks it was a seasonal settlement or camp, occupied solely through the northern hemisphere summer time and possibly into the autumn.

Areas of the older constructing reveal it was one of many largest lengthy homes ever present in Iceland.

“We know that the westernmost part of the older hall was a smithy [for working with metal] — the only smithy within a hall known in Iceland,” Einarsson mentioned.

He mentioned the location follows a sample of gradual enlargement by means of the North Atlantic islands.

“First, we had the seasonal camps, and then the settlement followed.”

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